Eric Deters Independent Candidate for Governor of Kentucky

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“For the past several years, I have many close to me tell me, ‘You should run for Governor.'” I shrugged it off. Then Freedom Fest happened. 8,000 people came. I was proud and humbled to have organized and led such a successful event. When lines formed repeatedly for attendees wanting a photo with me, I realized that I am the leader of the Trump voter movement in Northern Kentucky. I then realized NO ONE can speak about and fight for the issues Trump voters care about, like I can. So, why not me? Then I had a practical thought: If I can win the Trump voters, I can win the primary. If I can win the Primary, I will win the General. And, when I win, I will have direct power to act boldly for Kentuckians who share my view of government. Less Government. More Freedom. And, THAT is why I’m running to be YOUR next Kentucky Governor. I’m humbly asking for your support and your vote. Let’s do this. The time is now.”

– Eric Deters